Pathways Counseling Inc., Athens, Georgia. Holistic Psychotherapy Counseling Services - Integrating Spirituality and Traditional Psychology.
Pathways Counseling Service Athens Georgia
Pathways Inc. Athens, GA. 30605

Pathways Combines Spirituality & Traditional Psychology -

Regardless of the different pathways each person chooses along their
journey, a psychotherapist can serve as a continual catalyst to promote an individual’s positive change. By combining the spiritual element with traditional psychology, it is possible for a client to uncover his or her own limitless nature and automatically ignite their own healing and growth. Pathways’ mission is to serve those along their journey for healing and growth by providing spiritually conscious and well-trained psychotherapists along the way.

Why integrate traditional Psychology and Spirituality?

Pathways Inc. Athens, GA. 30605
Pathways Inc. Athens, GA. 30605
Traditional Psychology says that changes can occur by bringing unconscious
behaviors and thoughts into our conscious awareness. However, once we are aware of difficult or challenging truths about yourself and our habits, we need a deeper internal support to help us change other than shear willpower. Pathways counseling service in Athens, Ga., believes that lasting transformation occurs when we seek a path of our own understanding for inner wisdom and strength, one that connects us to a power greater than ourselves. Pathways’ counseling service not only promotes this philosophy for clients, but practices and journeys along its own spiritual path.

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Located in Athens, Ga., Pathways, Inc. is a holistic counseling agency that serves adults, children, and adolescents.
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