Holly Johnson is a psychotherapist specializing in deep healing work. Using her 15 years in the field to grow and evolve her practice, she now uses a highly intuitive, integrative approach for helping people to heal and transform old patterns into healthy, thriving life patterns.


Deep Healing Work

What and why we do deep work:

Almost all of us have experienced trauma in our childhood, adolescence and beyond. Some go unrecognized or don't even register to us as trauma if they don't "qualify" by our learned definition of trauma. Yet our unique patterning from our early experiences, even if unhealthy, will be our "now" way of influencing how we relate with the world. Becoming intimate with all of our early experiences, traumatic or not, is a way to help us identify the causes for our mild-to-sometimes-severe distresses in our health, emotional well-being, relationships, & more. Therefore, our core experiences and wounds must be explored in depth and addressed and with great skill and care.

How to do deep work:

In my experience, a truly healing psychotherapeutic practice must go deep, to get to and bring healing to the actual root of what is seen on our surface. This, however, can be sometimes complicated and require a great deal of courage, because getting to the bottom of a real issue is sure to release the often heavy emotions associated with it. These emotions are usually unpleasant, to say the least, and call for true compassion. This is part of what I bring to each session; a safe and healing space for this intimate exploration and release. Equally important in doing deep work, is the skill required to be truly present and intuitive. Traveling these pathways are not always straightforward and direct, but rather organic and dynamic. What the client needs to bring to their work, along with courage, is a willingness to trust guidance from both their own sense of being and from me, a keen introspection and the ability to resource. Filling out the assessment not only assists us in seeing if we would be a good fit in doing this work together, but to be clear that you are ready to embark on this journey. We can also discuss this and address other questions in a 20-minute phone consultation.

What does deep healing work look like:

If we mutually agree to begin, we will start the practices that get you in touch with what is activated (even if at first just from the surface) and skillfully bring you toward the pain. Staying mindful of how you are reacting, I work intuitively only as deep as you can go. The goal of each session is to go deep enough to help you become intimate with your edge, and to let the rest of the journey unfold safely as what needs to be expressed is encouraged and allowed. The end result is a clearer perspective and a felt sense of the many aspects that create the unique you that is longing to be expressed in more life-giving ways.

For a more thorough understanding of this language, different practices, modalities, and requirements, please contact Holly Johnson via email to set up a 20-minute consultation after filling out the assessment.  Click the button below to be directed to the contact page.